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SharePoint provides a central, integrated platform to implement intranet, extranet and customer-facing web applications. It is used to increase productivity and better the information flow between your employees, partners and customers. The rich feature set of SharePoint’s latest version makes it a very attractive choice as a platform for collaboration or communication solutions. Yet, the SharePoint out-of-the-box functionality is still short of many standard implementation needs and therefore requires expert knowledge of SharePoint for additional customization or programming efforts to fully implement and utilize the solution. We offer our expertise to design the solution you want, leveraging the value SharePoint offers and efficiently adding the right pieces that are missing.


Intranet and Extranets Portals

Leverage SharePoint as an Intranet or Extranet Portal to improve your operations and decision making.

Increasingly, organizations need to provide internal groups as well as outside partners, suppliers or even customers with a means to interact with their systems, processes and information. The corporate portal needs to serve as the single source of truth for the entire organization, external partners and customers. It should be well-structured and allow for two-way communications.

We can help you to:

  • Identify the information to be shared amongst your organizational units, or with your partners
  • Model the workflows that support your internal collaboration, as well as with your external partners
  • Architect a scalable SharePoint server farm that can grow when your business grows
  • Plan for information security and control, to meet audit or regulatory requirements
  • Empower knowledge workers with modern tools such as wikis and corporate blogs
  • Ease communication with device independent RSS feeds
  • Design an efficient administration strategy for your portals

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    Digital Asset Management

    Solutions that enable employees to publish, manage and retrieve content quickly and securely.

    Optimize your Enterprise Content Management by making your review and approval processes of all digital assets transparent and predictable.

    We can help you to:

    • Analyze your core creative processes and determine required file formats and metadata schemas
    • DAM vendor selection
    • Architect the integration of DAM and SharePoint, or with other Line of Business applications, such as a Product Information Management (PIM) system
    • Plan SharePoint libraries for Word documents or corporate PowerPoint presentations
    • Content Management integration with rich media delivery, including streaming and podcasting
    • Knowledge base solutions utilizing document repositories and SharePoint's search functionality

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Web Content Management

Live, up-to-date, structured and engaging content for your Websites.

Above all, your website is your image in the market.  Does it reflect well on your company?  Nowadays with over half of all purchases being researched on the internet, it is mandatory to ensure that your website resonates with your customers and partners, and effectively showcases your company brand, products and services.

We can help you to:

  • Map and structure your content
  • Determine the overall information architecture
  • Draft a taxonomy strategy that outlines how content is categorized, classified and tagged
  • Design your Web-Branding, using custom Master pages, layouts and cascading style sheets
  • Plan for performing interactive functionality and self-updating content
  • Calculate performance and infrastructure requirements

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Simplify, automate and integrate your business processes for project tasks, activities and deliverables.

One of the biggest reasons for implementing SharePoint within an organization is to automate business processes and simplify forms and document workflow. Automating approvals or publishing of content to websites or channel partners assures that deadlines are met and overall efficiency is improved. NOW is the time to automate business processes through workflow and systems integration.

We can help you to:

  • Analyze existing workflow processes
  • Identify opportunities for simpler, automated and integrated processes
  • Design formal approval and review workflows
  • Design InfoPath Forms and associated workflows
  • Plan for automated notifications and alerts
  • Create built-in control, tracking and reporting on productivity, for better Business Intelligence

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