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Jennifer Neumann
has more than 15 years' experience developing and deploying content solutions.
After finishing her university degree in computer science, she co-founded and bootstrapped Canto Inc, establishing it as a global brand. 

She has built worldwide sales and marketing partnerships with companies including Quark, Adobe, Apple, Kodak, and many others. 

Ms. Neumann also fostered strong partnerships with clients including several Fortune 100 entities such as Citigroup, IBM, State Farm and Walt Disney.

In 2004, under Ms. Neumann's leadership, her previous company was awarded Entrepreneurial Company of the Year by leading analyst firm Frost & Sullivan. 

Respected as a market influencer and visionary, Ms. Neumann has spoken at numerous worldwide industry events, and has frequently been interviewed by leading magazines.
Jens-Thomas Hönow has more than 10 years' experience in designing, creating and deploying content solutions.

e has implemented and installed solutions in leading enterprises within the Medical, Publishing and Corporate markets. 

As well as speaking at various industry events, Mr. Hönow has trained systems integrators, IT personnel and clients around the world in all aspects of content solutions architecture, development, management and usage.


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Roland Berg
has over 20 years of experience in Sales and Services.

Before joining The Final Candidate, Roland Berg was Director German Operations at Canto. Together with Mr. Hönow, he jointly managed all business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with a focus on Enterprise and Solution business. For this, he successfully recruited and managed over 20 top-level System Integrators.

Mr. Berg was responsible for numerous projects involving Fortune 500 companies and building vertical market solutions that incorporated "best of breed" products from different vendors, which were integrated with custom workflow components.


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