System Integration & Management

To some, installation and maintenance chores are a must. For us, they are simply fun.

If success and growth are on the roadmap for your integrated server installation, you need to implement it as a server farm right from the start, with security, reliability and scalability in mind. Choosing the proper networking, security, storage and server options that fit the intended purposes of the solution is critical. Given the flexibility that server products like SharePoint offer, this can be daunting task. However with our experience in successful server farm installs and implementations, it can be just as much fun as any successful infrastructure project.

Integrating Line of Business Applications

Digital assets, such as images or video, are increasingly used to communicate. Products can best be sold if pictured. Knowledge can easily be transferred when the recipient can choose between various ways of delivery for the content.

Ultimately, giving consumers the choice to retrieve information in the way they prefer requires connecting the various systems that each hold a piece of the information.

We can help you with:

  • Integrating DAM with SharePoint, or another Web Content Management (WCM) system
  • Connecting SharePoint and DAM with Product Information Management (PIM) systems
  • Applying a Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution for your digital assets
  • Other custom integration needs that involve digital assets

Server Infrastructure

Taking the complexity out of SharePoint installations and maintenance

Deploying Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V can be easily justified, as it reduces complexity, errors and cost. When deploying a multi-server SharePoint farm it especially shows how much added value virtualization has to offer. High availability demands that redundant servers are deployed for Web Frontends as well as the SQL backend. With additional servers in place, such as a mail server or authentication server, the number of servers involved in a SharePoint installation easily exceeds 5 servers or more. It's easy to understand why SharePoint and Hyper-V are a winning combination.

The typical server installation and configuration services we offer include:

  • Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V
  • SQL Server
  • Active Directory server or LDAP
  • DNS server
  • Internet Information Server
  • SharePoint Server
  • ISA server
  • Exchange server

At a fundamental level, configuring SharePoint usually involves

  • Setting up SharePoint service accounts
  • SQL Server and other Storage
  • Authentication providers (e.g. for Forms-Based Authentication)
  • Access Mappings (e.g. for Web, Intranet or Extranet access)
  • Shared Services Providers and Web Application
  • User Profiles, Groups and Access Privileges
  • Site Provisioning (along with content types, workflows, information management policies)
  • Solution deployment (e.g. branding, templates and Web Parts)
  • Content deployment (for internet-facing websites)
  • Search
  • Logging and Reporting
  • Backup automation

For us, these are all routine tasks for us that we deliver in very short time. For you, they are critical steps towards having a successful portal for your company. Of course we don't stop at installing your servers and the base-level SharePoint configuration: we look forward to assisting you with all the required configuration needs of your small, medium or large SharePoint server farm. Done right, SharePoint server installations are high performing, even with modest hardware investments and, with virtualization, they're also fun to administrate.


The Final Candidate has a comprehensive range of support offerings. They are all designed to work together to ensure we can respond profoundly and knowledgeably, to resolve any issues in the shortest time possible.


We offer training along with any installation we perform.

The target audiences for these trainings are:

  • User Training – short classes focusing on retrieving digital assets retrieval and basic collaboration
  • Content Manager / Site Administrator Training
  • System Administrator / Architect Training
  • Developer Training

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